Super Stylish Ways to Commute to and From Work with Comfort and Style

HM-Winter-Wear-Festive-Collection-for-Women-2014-Fashion-Rely-16If you live in a walking city it is likely that your commute to and from work requires a lot of walking.  While you could throw on a pair of clunky white sneakers and look like you’re straight out of the 80’s in your casual shoes and business suit, there are plenty of stylish shoes and products designed to give you comfort without sacrificing style.  Here are some suggestions.

1.  Tieks

Tieks have been called the most comfortable ballerina flats out there.  I will agree, they are incredibly comfortable, but they also come with a hefty price tag.  However, if you are looking for a more elegant pair of shoes that can be folded up and carried in your handbag, Tieks are definitely worth considering.  In addition to being portable and great to wear on your commute, these shoes are stylish and casual enough for weekend fun and can also be worn during the day at the office without looking inappropriate or out of place.

2.  Keds are back

If you were around to remember the trends of the 90’s you probably remember Keds

How to Know When You Have Chosen the Wrong Accessories

tumblr_static_best_fashion_accessoriesOften, the difference between a good outfit and a mediocre or, worse, a terrible one is in the subtle details, like the accessories you choose to finish your looks.  The wrong necklace length, earring shape or belt choice can make a good outfit turn bad in seconds.  If you have been trying to accessorize but can’t figure out what you have been doing wrong, here are a few ways to know when you have chosen the wrong accessories

.  You Feel Fussy

The easiest way to know you have accessorized wrong is if you feel fussy or uncomfortable in what you are wearing.  Maybe your bracelets are getting in the way, your earrings are making it difficult to talk on the phone or that necklace keeps getting caught on things when you bend down.  These are all things to make note of when putting on and buying accessories in the future.  There is no point buying more things that drive you crazy.

.  Your Necklace Looks “Off”

Have you ever put a necklace on and found it just sat there, doing nothing?  Something about

Buy Less Clothes and More Accessories

women-accessoriesIf you feel your style needs an upgrade, forget about hitting the stores for more clothes, check out if your accessories need a makeover.

1.  Accessories add personality to your outfits

Clothing on its own can easily get boring, especially when worn the same way over and over again.  This is what often causes women to go out and buy more to wear.  However, it’s not the clothing that is the problem, the problem is not adding any personality to what you are wearing.  Great accessories is the difference between a good outfit and a great one.

2.  What to do if you are an accessorizing newbie

Unlike clothing, accessories don’t require long, arduous trips to the dressing room, don’t need tailoring and are purchases that are more emotionally driven.  Sadly, most women don’t trust their instincts enough to buy what they love.  However, by trusting your gut and simply listening to how you react when you see a fantastic pair of shoes, a gorgeous scarf or a statement necklace is all you need to decide what is right and what isn’t.


Latest Designed Patiala Suits

Latest Designed Patiala Suits

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Accessorizing Basics Turning an Outfit into a Look

Have you ever seen a girl in a really cute outfit and thought she looked great, but that something was missing? Maybe you’ve stood in front of the mirror in your dorm or apartment in a great dress and a pair of boots and still felt blah? We’ve all been there–the basics of an outfit look totally stylish, but there’s a certain something that’s off.

In cases like these, there’s an often-overlooked wardrobe essential that can make all the difference: accessories! We’re talking shoes, bags, and jewelry, all of the key players! And the best part? These additions are super easy to grab or put on and still make a huge impact on your style.

Below, I’ve listed the 5 types of accessories that every girl should own, plus tips on how to use them to make any outfit runway-worthy! Interested? Read on.


A few great, well-fitting belts in varying widths are definite wardrobe staples. Here are three different styles you might want to consider, plus tips on how to wear them:

  • Skinny belts in bright colors or shimmery metallics look super cute over a romper or fitted dress.
  • Medium-width belts that feature interesting details like braiding or a

Four Signs You are In an Accessorizing Slump

Have your outfits been feeling a bit bland?  Do you feel like another nobody in the crowd or that your style is lacking personality?  Accessorizing certainly can make a huge difference, but not all accessories are the same.  Even if you are adding accessories to your outfits you can still find yourself in a rut.  Here are four ways to tell if you are in an accessorizing slump.

1.  You wear the same accessories everyday

It’s smart to have reliable accessories that you can grab and use to regularly finish your looks.  Examples of these items are your diamond stud earrings, a long gold necklace or that string of pearls.  However if this is what you put on every single day you are going to get bored.

Yet, don’t discount these stalwart pieces as being indicators of the types of accessories you will most often wear.  Recognize what it is about your reliable pieces that make them so valuable to you and purchase some similar alternatives to change things up.

2.  You never wear colorful accessories

Accessories add that last punch of excitement to a look.  Having jewelry in basic metals are certainly easy and versatile.  However, if you don’t have

How to Be a Stylish Wedding Guest

As if it isn’t difficult enough to find something to wear to a wedding, alas, finding the perfect dress is only half of the battle.  What about the bag, the shoes, the jewelry and maybe the wrap?  While it may seem overwhelming to get all of this together into one great look it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some fail-proof accessories that will guarantee you will be a stylish wedding guest, no matter what you are wearing.

1.  Handbags

There is a reason why a metallic handbag is seen as such a versatile purse color.  It will literally go with everything.  Instead of going crazy to find the perfect bag to go with every dress you buy to wear to the weddings you have to attend, try having a staple metallic clutch that you can just grab and use.  Trust me, it will be even more usable than a black clutch.

2.  Shoes

Like the easy solution for finding the perfect handbag for each and every formal dress you own, be a stylish wedding guest with ease by also considering metallic shoes.  Heading to a daytime wedding and don’t want to be that glitzy?  Be sure to

Five Reasons Accesorizing is Important

If you want to update your wardrobe accessorizing is important.  Here are five reasons why you need to accessorize.

Even the biggest of handbag lovers don’t change their handbags daily.  It’s just too unrealistic.  If changing your handbag is something you want to do on a regular basis, you can look into these solutions, like bags that have a base bag with separate covers that can easily be slipped on and off, depending on mood and outfit and these easy ways to keep your handbag organized so changing is a breeze.  However, if even these solutions seems like too much of a commitment, you can cover your handbag bases with these must have styles that you will always have on hand for whatever your plans are.

1.  One Good Roomy Work Bag

If you are a working woman, a roomy work tote of superior quality is of the utmost importance to have.  You want to make sure it is large enough to hold what you need for work, like files, your laptop and/or tablet and that it looks professional.  To get the most out of one bag, consider a mid-brown shade, like cognac or a tan.  This way if you are

Be Stylish and Smart with Cuff Jewelry

If you’re old enough to remember the Life Call commercial then “Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” will make you laugh.  Humor aside, the device that was a medical alert necklace provided instant assistance and help for the elderly and disabled.  Plus, it was well beyond it’s time. These days, smart devices, that are also stylish, that can track your life, exercise and send out emergency signals are all the rage.  Take, for example, The Cuff, an ever-expanding jewelry line that has some pretty amazing smart abilities.  Besides being beautiful jewelry, here is what The Cuff can do for you.

1.  Help in an emergency

You find yourself in a sketchy part of town, are in distress at home or stuck somewhere and just need help.  Sure, you could grab your phone, but The Cuff makes it even easier because you are wearing it.  Simply press your Cuff jewelry to discreetly send a message to your emergency contacts.  Your exact location will be shared and you can coordinate with them via SMS and 911 can be called if needed.

2.  You can stop being the annoying person constantly checking their phone

People being distracted by their cell phones

Wrapurse An Easy Way to Keep Your Handbags from Wearing Out

You spend a lot on your handbags, you want them to last.  Obviously, you can’t hermetically seal your purses.  They are going to wear down from use.  Despite this, you can certainly do things to ensure that your handbags will stay in tip-top condition.  Caring your your handbags, like storing them in dust covers when not in use, repairing them when needed and DIY tricks, can keep them lasting longer.  You can also check out something called Wrapurse.

Wrapurse is a designer cover that protects the bottom of your purse wherever you are.  Think about the last time you put your handbag on a movie theater floor or had to hold on to your bag while on a subway or bus because you didn’t want to put it near everyone’s feet?

What about those times when you are in a public bathroom and can’t find a hook in the stall to hang your handbag and actually hung your purses around your neck instead. Floors are the last place you want to put a purse, especially in public and definitely in a restroom.  However, we often don’t have a choice.  Wrapurse keeps your purse protected, germ-free and gives your bags a longer

Five Accessorizing Myths You Can Break and Still Look Stylish

Rules are made to be broken.  This is definitely true with accessories.  Few people know the source of most of these so-called accessorizing, making following them somewhat silly.  Check out these five commonly believed accessorizing myths and why you need to break them.

1.  Your shoes and handbag have to match

If you have been avoiding wearing interesting shoes or carrying a fun handbag, because you think it’s a fashion faux pas to match your shoes to your bag, well, guess what, this rule is a total myth.  Decades ago this was a firmly believed rule but now there is a lot more freedom around these choices.  Certainly, your bag and shoes should complement one another and look like they belong as part of the same outfit, but you can certainly have a lot more fun.

2.  You can’t mix silver and gold jewelry

Many believe that wearing both gold and silver jewelry in an outfit is a total faux pas.  The belief is that you are supposed to “pick a lane” and choose one metal color.  Again, this is a rule that few know the origin of, and, certainly it doesn’t need to be followed.  To successfully mix and